TOP 5 Skin Care Ingredients To AVOID


Our First Blog Post!

Thanks so much for checking us out! We hope to shed some light on why we chose to start Emerson Apothecary and how you can become better informed about your own skin and skin care products. Be your on SKIN CARE INVESTIGATOR. 

What better place to start then here - with what to AVOID. This list could be much longer but here are the big ones. And, if your are a lady I would recommend you listen up! So many of these ingredients can really mess with us!

To be honest skin care and cosmetics can be nasty. There is little regulation on what actually goes into products to a point it's actually scary. This is part of the reason we began Emerson Apothecary. 

So if you haven't yet, now is the time to start checking your labels! Below is a list of the TOP 5 ingredients to AVOID in your self care routine. 

1. PARABENS - are a major hormone disruptor. These chemicals can harm fertility, damage reproductive organs and increase the risk of cancer. 

2. PEG (Polyethylene glycol) - according to "The primary concern with PEG compounds is that ethylene oxide is used in their production in a process called ethoxylation. This process can cause contamination with ethylene oxide, a chemical associated with multiple kinds of cancer."

3. PHTHALATES - are major endocrine disruptors. They have been found to mimic hormones and interrupt their production. These are mostly used to make plastic more flexible and lubricate cosmetics. 

4. PROPYLENE GLYCOL (PG) - is added as a hydrant in skin and hair care - it keeps the moisture in. PG has been found to cause allergic reactions. 

5. SILOXANES - has been found to be extremely toxic and call lead to endocrine issues and well as infertility. 

I hope you found this info insightful! Now go check you cabinet!


Lindsay Chandler

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