Ingredient Labels Can Be Confusing


If you're here and reading this then you are concerned. I was too. Beauty labels can be confusing and really frustrating. So many of us are on a path of healthier living and trying to make choices for the better but getting lost in all the information out there. And, researching takes time...... So Much Time!

I would spend hours trying to figure out what ingredients on labels actually were and if they were safe for me to use. I would search ingredients and research information trying to avoid toxins and specific allergens. It was exhausting and frustrating. 

That's why we have decided to include the common name ingredients on all our labels. They are easy to read and understand - making it so much simpler for you to determine if the products are right for you. Now, this may go against beauty standards and we get it but for us it is important that you know what exactly you are buying without having to research each ingredient on the label. 

Two of my most favorite resources for finding out how toxic your current beauty products are is or Think Dirty. Both of these resources can be downloaded as an app right to your phone. These are awesome resources for navigating through all the toxic options that line the store shelves. When I first began searching for "cleaner" products I would check these apps like crazy. It made it nice to be able to narrow down what I did and did not want in my medicine cabinet.

Now that you can be your own beauty investigator will you make the switch to cleaner beauty products?