How is your skin's barrier holding up this winter?

Your skin is made up of layers. Each layer has its own job at protecting our bodies. The outer most later, called the stratum corneum, is often said acts like a brick wall. The outer most layer, also known as your skins barrier, is made up of tough skin cells that are bound together with a lipid like mortar. 

Without this important layer of your skin harmful toxins and pathogens could wreak havoc on your health. Your skins barrier is also essential for the hydration of your skin. Without it water would evaporate quickly from the skin leaving you extremely dry and dehydrated. Keeping your skins barrier in good shape is essential for the health of not only your skin but body too!

What are signs of a damaged skin barrier?

  • Dry, scaly skin
  • Itchiness
  • Acne
  • Red and inflamed areas
  • Skin infections

How can I help heal and restore my skin’s barrier?

  1. Simplify your routine. Often times long and lengthy skincare routines may actually be causing more harm than good. Notice how your skin is responding to your products and exfoliation habits. 
  2. Use plant based oils to help heal and restore your skin’s barrier. Studies have shown that plant oils, such as olive, avocado and sweet almond have a nourishing effect that promotes wound healing. Many plant oils have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects, too.
  3. If using harsh treatments for acne such as retinol try alternating days of use or layering it between a moisturizer and serum to help reduce the irritation of the skins barrier. 

Caring for your skins barrier is essential to a healthy life and glowing gorgeous skin. Our All The Kids Complete Skincare set does just that. We use a combination of organic plant oils to create a nourishing and healing cleansing balm and moisturizer. Our toner offers a perfect PH balance for your skin while working to hydrate and soothe red irritated skin.